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Body Treatments


Remineralize your skin and give it a noticeable glow with this anti-aging wrap. First, we’ll gently remove your dead skin cells during a full body exfoliation and then we’ll apply French Red Clay containing vitamins A, B, B12, E, and iron; grapeseed; magnesium; and amino acids. While your skin is detoxing, we’ll wrap you in warm blankets and treat you to a relaxing scalp massage. After a warm shower, the final step is the application of a luxurious, thick, non-greasy whipped shea butter which leaves your skin feeling like pure velvet.

75 minutes | $140


Soothe even the most sensitive skin, with this moisture-binding emollient treatment that provides deep, lasting hydration and protection for the skin. First, we’ll sluff off dead and dry skin cells with a full body exfoliation. After showering off the exfoliant, a rich, soft warming balm is applied. This unique balm melts on contact leaving the skin perfectly hydrated.

75 minutes | $140


90% natural, vegan and gluten free — Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with this stimulating wrap, designed to improve elasticity and help firm and tighten your skin, contains mineral salts, vitamins, calming aloe and vitamin E. We’ll pamper you with a multi-step treatment, which include a full body exfoliation, body wrap, scalp massage and shower. The final step is a luxurious orange vanilla milk moisturizer rich in nutrients that replenishes and softens the skin.

75 minutes | $140


Wrap yourself in comfort! We start you off with a full body exfoliation using our Triple Shot Caramel Coffee Shea Sugar Scrub. Next you'll be wrapped up with a pumpkin mask, which includes nutrient-rich Illite and Bentonite clays, pumpkin puree, and active yogurt cultures. After your pores are cleansed, and a warm shower is taken, we finish using a Sweet Cream Body Lotion to lock in the moisture leaving your skin soft and smooth.

75 minutes | $140


A chocolate lover's dream come true! Your skin will feel amazing when we gently exfoliate your body using a Bourbon Bubbler Sugar Scrub. Followed by an amazing Chocolate Mask made from a mix of cocoa, coconut milk, honey, and natural enzymes that smell so good you will want to eat it! Once you are wrapped, you may upgrade and have a chocolate facial, or you may relax with a scalp massage. After you rinse off in a warm shower, your skin will feel hydrated with our Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie Cream Lotion.

75 minutes | $140

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